My Story



I am so excited that you have found my little space on the Internet.   I hope it is an encouragement to your soul.

There are a few things you should know about me that might help you understand my writing a bit more…

I am a Christ follower.


I am the wife of an amazing man. You can get to know him here.


I am raising two wild and beautiful kids in this life.


I have a precious son already in the next life.

me beckett beach square

I am an emotional eater who has been back and forth on the weight loss road many times.

I believe this life is better when we share it with other people.

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All of these things combine to make me the person I am today. As hard as I might try, I cannot separate one from the other. And that is why the word “health” means way more to me than this physical body I carry around.

My health is a picture of my soul, my relationships, and yes my physical strength as well. Not only do I believe the condition of all of these areas are important, I believe they are interconnected.

And I believe God cares about all of it.

So this blog is a glimpse into a real life walking through all of that. I never do any of it perfectly. But my goal is balance. And my aim is to share what I learn in an open, unfiltered way.


I should also mention that I am a Midwest American girl, who married an Oklahoma boy and together we followed God to North Wales, UK. So while I would love to sit with you in a cute café and share our life experiences over a cup of coffee, I realize that is not possible for each and every one of you. Instead I pray that my writing can take you to that cozy cafe in your mind.


Our conversation would probably start out talking about my love for all things office supplies and organization or maybe I would share my obsession with cheese and crackers. (It takes me a while to get deep in person.)

But as you sit and read my writings, I hope that you hear the thankfulness I have for my Savior, my deep desire to raise loving kids, the passion I have for getting and maintaining a healthy body and the grief that spills over into all aspects of my life.

I pray that as you read these words and think of your own struggles, you hear me whispering,

You are not alone. I feel it too. But friend, there is hope! Let’s lean in to that hope together.


If you need some help getting started—my 3 most popular blogs are on the side of this page and would be a great place to start!


All the beautiful photos of my family on this page and sprinkled throughout this blog were taken by the lovely Hannah K. Photography

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