My Heart


Wearing my heart on my sleeve is a phrase that means someone doesn’t hide their emotions or feelings. They put it all out there for people to see how they really feel. That is my aim with this blog.

I am passionate about being genuine and transparent in our culture of fake and filtered.

Naturally, I am an introvert that would rather keep my life and my feelings to myself. But I believe there is great joy and freedom in sharing our life with other people. I have experienced this joy and I know it only comes when we let our guards down, share our vulnerabilities and hear that great phrase, “me too.”

I want to be that person that raises my hand in the midst of a struggle and admits I can’t do everything. I also want to be the one to continually point to Christ as the answer to all my brokenness and shortcomings.

And I would love to encourage you to do the same. I would love to do that sitting over a cup of coffee in a cute cafe.  But since that is not possible for each and every one of you, I pray that my writing can take you to that cozy cafe in your mind.

Oh, And what about the ‘overseas’ twist on the name? Well, I’m a Midwest USA girl living in the UK. I love both sides of my life and no matter where I go, a bit of my heart will always be on the other side of the pond.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way!