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Big Sister and Baby Shared Room Part 2

Yay! The time is here to finally welcome our Number 3 into our family.  We are probably nowhere near as ready as we think we are, but we are excited to take on this new adventure none the less.

I gave a complete look at the “big girl” side of the room in a previous post (Part 1).  The room started out as a messy 5-year-old girl domain.


After 3 weeks of painting and decorating, it is now a cozy spot to welcome our Little Explorer into the world.


The gender of Baby 3 is unknown, so we kept it neutral with gray paint and lots of aqua and mint green.  I planned to add in some “girly” colors if need be, but I actually love the soft look and don’t think it’s necessary.  Big Sister’s pink curtains do overlap into this space, but it doesn’t bother me.


Baby is being born, and will be raised, in a country different from his passport country.  It only seemed fitting to theme the nursery space around adventure and exploring.

I love all the little details that came together to make this special.  Like the hot air balloon print that I ordered and didn’t realize until it printed that it has the baby’s birth town labeled right at the heart of it.

Storage was important in such a small space.  The shelves under the bed were a cool surprise.  I bought one set for toy storage on the other side of the bedroom and immediately thought it would be cool to raise the crib on a double set while the baby is still small.  But I knew we could not afford to just buy 2 more.  It was a want but not a need.  When I was posting the last blog, I linked to the store where I bought the shelf.  When I went and found the link, the store was having a half price sale on that exact shelf that ended that night!  I thanked God and got 2 for the price of 1.


Speaking of that crib- I love it!  I ordered a white one online at the end of June.  The first week in August the company emailed me and said they were out of the white but would offer a substitute.   I was tempted to go a little emotional-pregnant lady at that point.  But instead looked at the website and found this “dusty aqua” color and loved it!  The map print was already hanging on the wall and when I saw it all together I knew it was another unknown answer to prayer that just made everything come together that much better.

And of course we had to make sure it could hold weight once it was put together 😉



So there it is.  The room is done.  The hospital bags are packed.  We are now just waiting on the baby to make it all complete.

I promised this tour of the baby side of the shared room a while ago.  Pregnancy is a crazy weird time.  As I was finishing up painting the room 2 months ago, I noticed my hands starting to go numb as I was using them.  Since then, pregnancy induced carpal tunnel has taken over and my hands are pretty useless.  The new crib arrived and it sat for a while before I finally tackled putting it together.   Then the room was complete, but usually had some big sister “love” spilling over onto the baby side and not quite photo worthy.  Eventually, the photos were taken but due to my now constant pain/numbness in my hands, typing is not my friend anymore.  Yikes!

With my first pregnancy I got sudden and severe pre-eclampsia and had an emergency surgery to take care of it.  Since I have been through a life threatening complication, I feel like I should not complain about anything smaller.  But honestly, even small things can be frustrating.

I feel like we take this approach to problems in life a lot.  We don’t want to bother people, or even God, with our “little” problems when there are people in the world going through so much worse.  But thankfully, that’s not how God sees it.  1 Peter 5:7 tells me to give ALL my worries and fears to God.  And it says to do it because HE CARES FOR ME.  God doesn’t only care about me when I am going through really big things in life, He cares for me all the time.

Big or small, you are seen and you are loved today.  That is a promise to rest in.  Now, I’m going to go have a baby 🙂



4 thoughts on “Big Sister and Baby Shared Room Part 2”

  1. Praying for your precious family on the loss of your little angel. Your Christian faith is so strong, just rely on God’s love to comfort you at this time. Prayers and hugs.🙏🏻🙏🏻💗💗

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